S.T.A.R. Press Releases For U.N. Copenhagen Climate Change Conference,  

The Taiwan Government Should Be Responsible For Destroying The Natural Ecosystems Of Indigenous Lands





Typhoon Morakot caused historical casualty in Taiwan. Climate change related to recent severe weather was regarded as the major drive of this disaster, and human disturbance should be another. However, government failure increased the size of damage.
The government did not predicate the power of Morakot and thus did not take necessary action to evacuate people. Many key officers were not on duty during landfall of Morokot. Demand of flood victims was not fully taken into the plans for flood relief. If any of these was ever appropriately dealing with, the impact of this typhoon can be reduced.
Based on the environment change in recent years, on the observation of rescue, on the communication with the government about planning of relief, we argue the following points:
First, the illegal logging and inappropriate reforestation damage nature forest habitats and make the environment are much vulnerable to disturbance. The situation increases risk of disasters with climate change.
Constructions along rivers also degrade the nature ecosystems. Tunnel under building for transferring water across drainage basins may augment mudslide. Many people have this concern; however there is no confidential report about it so far. Sabo dams on rivers are also associated with the flood disaster. Both construction of Sabo dams and the eroding pattern changed due to Sabo dams make flood more severe.
Indigenous right over mother land and keeping life styles are not respected. The government and many other NGOs provide "goodness" they believe without communicating with indigenous people in advance and then force indigenous people to accept their projects. We indigenous Taiwanese refuse those projects because those projects will help other agents including the government grasp our traditional land. Land or ecosystems without indigenous people actually are under more threat.
We the Southern Tribe Alliance for Reconstruction sincerely asks the government appropriately response our arguments.
We also are happy to share our experience of the relief with people around the world to mitigate the expected disasters of climate change.


Press contact:

Director, Shao-Wen Wu

Southern Tribe Alliance For Reconstruction


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